How do you deal with social media during the engagement and marriage?




How do you deal with social media during the engagement and marriage?
Many young girls exaggerate their engagement and marriage sharing their pictures and many details about themselves and their partners, but have we ever thought that it is possible that the engagement phase will not continue and that the separation will be declared because the parties do not agree
And if we think why ?!

We will say that one of the most important reasons so that the disappointments are not public and public

Keep your privacy
Your private life belongs to you and you are the only one capable of hiding her details from everyone. Luster of private life

Your life is different so don’t compare it to anyone
The wife may ask for some of the gifts she saw in the account of one of her friends that her husband gave her. Always look for the positives in your life and do not look at the lost, and stay away from comparisons and tradition, it is one of the most destructive of your married life

Avoid over sharing

Frequent sharing of details of the event you want to cover or transfer to followers may be bored, which makes them away from following your account, so you should pick the most important events to share with your followers, whether the type of participation photos taken or publications you send, so making sure to pick the most beautiful footage remains the most important and not Frequent number

Don’t forget about real communication
Social media has been found to increase communication between people.This is its primary goal, but the reality may be different.As many people in social and family events are busy filming and responding to followers, which makes them move away from the atmosphere of the occasion and communicate with the audience. For example, the wife is keen to photograph dishes before eating


but filming professional snapshot may take a lot of preoccupation photography and delay her family from eating food may cool food and resent her husband and children from waiting and their meeting on the trip to resentment and silence and loss of pleasure talking to each other