Qualities in the man invite you to guard against him

Qualities in the man invite you to guard against him

A poll found that 55% of women confirmed that they would avoid marrying a man with a defect that is considered the ugliest for women.




45% said that it is unfair for a man to refrain from marrying a woman because of one defect, however big it may be, except for aggressive behavior that could endanger the woman’s life.







The disadvantage that women do not accept in men
The disadvantage that women reject completely in men, is to say one thing and do something else where the man becomes a nightmare for women Vthark weight in the chest and loss in the head does not trust her words and promises and conversations, and may make her life hell, and will plant in her heart a permanent sense of doubt and danger, and in Eventually the trust between the two parties will be lost in the marital relationship.

This study cited a number of other flaws that could be uglier than the one mentioned and may not be a major obstacle for some couples. What are the other major flaws that make women alienate from men?

Defects in men make women avoid it

A man who cannot make a plan or program to spend time
Women prefer men who have permanent plans and programs to spend time, especially time during school or career holidays.

A man who is hesitant in this regard considers that he is not serious about life.
• Tip: Do not be too intolerant of your plans, and let him reassure your flexibility, and in return plans for your programs and inform them, and prove to him how to rest psychologically, and would be loved by others if committed to them.


He always talks about intimacy and wants her to respond
This is one of the major disadvantages and disliked in a man who does not care about anything in the woman but her body

and the desire to exercise an intimate relationship with her, and he therefore speaks on this subject permanently, and believes that women will respond to him by provoking her desire through talking. Usually women avoid such men, because they know that he is only interested in this area.

• Tip: Be balanced, understand the truth of your feelings in this regard, and that you do not reject them, but you may be conservative in talking to them, and in return do not criticize him every time, especially if it is between you.

Who follows her like a ghost to observe her movements
The woman also avoids the man she feels follows and monitors, because this may be unsatisfactory evidence, leading to disasters in the marital relationship if the woman agrees to marry him.

• Tip: Staying away from this type is the safest, as it can not be repaired edition no matter how much confidence, it may make you act chew on the tongue of others.


Who claims that all women are easy for him

Women evade a man who makes these allegations of disrespect for women.
• Tip: Before marriage do not be easy with him, and do not give him the tip of your hand in any way, and understand that his belief is not a rule.


Who scares her with his physical strength

There are men who believe that women love macho and physical strength. But this is not true, because what matters to women is the thinking of men and not muscles. Besides, there are men who intimidate women with their physical strength, which makes women avoid them and escape them, fearing for their safety, dignity and honor.
• Tip: Stay away from this type of men better, because bulging muscles, may be at the expense of the mind sometimes.


Who doesn’t praise her

Women love very much to be praised by men, not only praise her beauty, but also praise her dress, her choice of colors and manner of makeup … However, a large proportion of men do not pay attention to it, which is disappointing women, and feel the need to avoid such people who do not know Fate and value of women.

• Tip: not praising you is not evidence that he does not respect you or appreciate you, there are men express in other ways, perhaps in a look, a simple gift, or help, do not be stubborn in this aspect.


Who doesn’t know to greet

Women can avoid men who do not know to greet women, and choose kind phrases when meeting women.
• Tip: If his character is good, do not judge him from this side, but teach him, there are men who are certainly shy, or perhaps exposed to a situation they do not like in their childhood, and this promotes their shyness.


Who always seeks to make a woman feel less intelligent than him
This is a diminution of the importance of the mind, thinking and personality of women, knowing that intelligence is not measured by sex, there is a large proportion of women who have proved this.

• Tip: It’s okay to think he’s the smartest, and on the other hand implement your plans intelligently, perhaps making his imaginary intelligence quieter and voluntarily