Steps to attract your partner according to your specifications




Steps to attract your partner according to your specifications
Every girl aspires to find a life partner with all the specifications that she wants, to enjoy in the rest of her life days filled with love, harmony, harmony and joy  and because the sky will not rain your partner suddenly, and because the idea of ​​”division and share” inherited is a negative idea, confirms the science of development The current mankind, as well as the energy sciences, is that it is your responsibility to attract a life partner.


Step 1: Internal completion
The idea of ​​attraction is based on our attempt to find a life partner that has certain qualities and is free from certain defects, which is an attempt by us to complete our internal shortage. These are qualities that exist and we want to get rid of them


We attract people who have the qualities we love in ourselves and want more, we hate people who have the qualities we hate in ourselves and we want to get rid of them. To increase the good qualities, and get rid of the qualities that we hate in us at home instead of disposing of them abroad, and this may be achieved through the simple exercise as follows:


• Choose five people you think have many beautiful qualities, and write down all the good qualities that they have.
• Choose five people that you think have many bad qualities, and write down all the bad qualities they have.
• Observe and develop beautiful qualities with you, as well as a plan to get rid of bad qualities, and ask for help if you need.

Through the internal completion of the first step we will automatically attract this partner, that is, attracting this partner will be the result of our internal completeness and development of the attributes that we want to exist with us, and get rid of the characteristics that we do not like; Inside.

Step 2: Where do I find it?
Ask yourself a question: Where can I find people with these qualities? For example, a girl wants to associate with a fun character that you can find in associations for recreational activities. These associations are places to gather the right variety, and you can find a wide choice.


Step 3: Seek through expanding your relationships
After you are in places where that kind of person is popular with you, and you have wide choices to choose the right partner, the third step is to expand your relationships.
Dear girl, you should know that the girl’s chances are more extensive and knowledgeable than the girl involved herself, so you should expand your relationships as much as possible with people who have the good qualities that you want in your partner.


Step 4: Learn the art of dealing with others
Try to learn how to be loved wherever you go and travel by gaining the social qualities that people love.