Terms of Use

Terms of Use
fashionbeauty1.com Terms of Use

These are the terms of use for fashionbeauty1.com and participating members must adhere to these terms
By visiting fashionbeauty1.com , regardless of whether you are a subscriber or not, you agree to be bound by the following Terms of Use
We may change these terms from time to time
Your continued use of fashionbeauty1.com means that you accept the Terms of Use and any changes to these Terms
To use the website services, you must be at least 18 years old and you do not have any legal barrier to contract
While using fashionbeauty1.com you must abide by the following and in case you violate these terms fashionbeauty1.com has the right to cancel your subscription without any warning.
More than one subscription per person is prohibited
All login information provided by fashionbeauty1.com should be kept confidential and should not be given to anyone other than you
It is forbidden to use abusive words or pictures of soup or other means that do not comply with the ethical standards and legal rules of most participants.
Any form of harassment or uncivilized provocative behavior of others such as, but not limited to, racial, religious or political interventions is strictly prohibited.
It is prohibited to display or send pictures, websites, messages or other pornographic material of any kind, public or private
Any aggressive behavior such as spoofing prevents defamation or libel while communicating with subscribers or with the management of sites.
Reducing the attraction of fashionbeauty1.com services to subscribers or other visitors
It is forbidden to distribute a message in the same format to a large number of subscribers for the purpose of publishing certain information
It is prohibited to promote your own products or services or to third parties or to use fashionbeauty1.com as a marketing tool such as without limitation to send advertising or advertisements to others.
Violation of other people’s rights, property rights or privacy rights is prohibited while using fashionbeauty1.com
It is forbidden to distribute or download any virus or to do anything else that could cause harm to the fashionbeauty1.com website or its systems or subscriber systems.
It is forbidden to request material or similar amounts from subscribers for any reason
Your email address, phone number, or any information indicating your profile will not be published in any way